Turandot excerpts by Barbirolli (1937)

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It’s long time I bought this CD by EMI… Just think, Turner, Martinelli, Barbirolli, real monsters of the past time…

Normally, I avoid excerpts, but for these historical representations, you won’t get anything else than these excerpts, but, more or less two times the same excerpts with a 5 days interval… (The later excerpts are a little more complete… The entrance aria from Liu is preserved, and the riddle scene is a little longer…) » Read more: Turandot excerpts by Barbirolli (1937)

Turandot by Karajan

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Karajan is not really my favorite conductor. I don’t know why, probably, too selfish, lacks of pulsation, too polished… But, I have to admit that he belongs to the most important conductors in the twentieths… So, I’m always curious about what he proposes, as it’s always different, and, out of this, interesting… » Read more: Turandot by Karajan

Brahms 1st piano concerto by Gilels and Jochum

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Brahms first piano concerto is an impressive peace of music: Very massive. And, at the end, very rich. In fact, so rich, that there are a lot of different ways to play it. Gilels and Jochum are reputed to have produced one of the reference recording. Time to write about it…

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